Thursday, 7 March 2013

Friday Fun 2: Posts I Loved This Week

I promised to keep you fit, fabulous and totally entertained..and when I promise, I deliver :)
Even though this week has been a very busy one for me, I managed to sneak in a little time for the beautiful and inspiring world of blogs.
There is so much to learn from all of these very talented and creative here goes..

1. I have so much respect for fit and fabulous mommies...and this post is just about that. I was so   so inspired by this fitness post...what a big and visible difference. 
So all the new mums who think it cant be is proof that it can.
Read the entire post HERE
Check out the Beth Jones blog, life and style HERE

beth jones blog
Image Source: here
2. If you are like me, a lover of desserts and a calorie counting machine, you will love me for this one. I never thought healthy and desserts could be part of the same kitchen let alone the same recipe, but thanks to Katie, its a reality...yay!!
I am loving these Mint and chocolate chip cupcakes gonna try them over the weekend.
Even if you are too much of a fashionista to put on an apron, get sweaty in the kitchen or get some flour on your blush stained cheeks....these gorgeous desserts are yummy even just to look at :)
See her blog HERE

healthy dessert cupcakes
Image source : here
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