Sunday, 8 December 2013

My Fairytales Come Alive In Fabric Stores

Sometimes I think life is like a high speed car race, where you strap yourself in, roll the windows up, hit the accelerator full throttle and don't stop till you reach the finish line. In such a high risk game, taking a second to look over your shoulder, even if just to size up the competition could be a fatal mistake. Needless to say there is no time to roll down the window and take in the winter chill or the detours leading to an untouched expanse of sandy beaches and beautiful landscapes.
I feel like I sometimes have no time to enjoy the smaller joys in life - stopping by the roadside stall to eat panipuri, getting a mani pedi or a massage in an aromatic spa or just window shopping..
So this weekend, I did just that, enjoyed one simple thing that brought so much joy, it made my heart dance..a spectacular Rumba maybe..
I spent some time in a fabric store, I know wierd as it may sound a fabric store does give me intense pleasure. I turn into a kid in a candy store or better yet into junkie, high on an intense drug cocktail. I loose myself in the colours, textures, prints and designs, my mind starts running at a 100 miles per second. One second I am turning the Jaipur block print into a sheath dress, the next I am turning the brocade into a pant suit.



I do thing I enjoy being in a fabric store more that I enjoy being in a ready to wear garment store. There is something about these fabrics that feeds my soul, pride and my creativity. I sometimes look at fabrics and feel the same intense love and longing that you would for a lover. I create a vision of what I want to create with it, just like we create a vision of our life with a lover. I feel immense joy and pride when that vision finally turns into reality and I put it on.





Though I must say - its not always a pretty picture, often explaining my vision to my tailor is not an easy job. He is so used to making salwaar kurtas, that often my vision of a pencil skirt turns into half an anarkali and my jackets end up looking like a sari blouse gone wrong..
On such occasions, I swear to myself "never again will I ever try this again..only Zara and Mango from now on, whats the need to try stunts?", and there I am again, 1 week later..standing at my tailors door..fabric and drawings in hand..

Pants : Linking Road, Mumbai
Belt : Linking Road, Mumbai
Top: Pune
Juttis : Delhi
Scarf: Mom's
Watch : Fendi
Bag : Accessorize


  1. Nice outfit! I liked the way you used the Scarf!!! :)

  2. OMG.... same thing happens to me....Fabric shops are sooo like wonderlands.. i too keep bugging my tailor to recreate those runway dresses and sometimes they end up really bad.. although i can never give up doing that :)
    Anyways your outfit looks lovely and so do you :)


  3. Thanks for ur nice words! keep posting!

  4. Zaraa and mango are great places to shop. You are right!
    You are looking very pretty!

    Defining Me

  5. The outfit is so comfy and chic :D Looking fab :D
    xoxo <3

  6. Lovely outfit Abhi! That's a lot of pretty sarees and fabrics I see in the background! Cant wait to see what you make with them :)

  7. Well, this must be a great experience. Nothing speaks better to us than our own desi fabrics and masterjis.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  8. Replies
    1. Nivedita its a store called Haji Gani on MG road. not the main road but a lane parallel to the main road, not far from the Shivaji sabji mandi on MG


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