Sunday, 30 March 2014

Coffee With Pune Street Style : Lilia

Just like love can be found at the most unlikely places - on the internet, at the doctors,mid air during a flight , under the can friendship..
I have never really been great at making friends, I have never had that big gang of friends that you can call at 4 am. Partly because I had my sister and I never really felt the need to invest time in nurturing friendships and partly because I was too self conscious and had not the faintest bit of confidence required to make conversations.
Making friends meant spending time with them in various cafes, restaurants, moviehalls and parties..and I was never into those things..moreover all this meant spending your parents money on frivolous things - I was very uncomfortable with this too.
Ughhh!! I know I sound terribly boring - when I think about it, I probably was super boring..
But lately, the blog and the interactions I have had through it have made me realize that I truly do enjoy meeting and talking to people. There is so much that we can learn from each and every person.
I thrive on the one on one chats and conversations I have had with so many people, the bonds of warmth and friendship that have been formed..I will cherish these for ever..
Lets get back to finding friendship in unlikely places, I never thought I could find friendship while walking down a street, a couple of pictures and a 2 min conversation - but I did.
I am talking about Lilia, who I crossed paths with me on the street, I featured her style on the street style section (here) and the seeds of a friendship had been sown.





We recently met over some healthy juice and I realized just how lucky I had been to meet her.
I have never come across a more warm, genuine and loving person. It was just so easy to talk to her, she made me feel so comfortable talking to her, it felt like I had known her for years.
She is the kind of person, you want to give a nice big hug and never ever let go...


She works as a pastor.
She has impeccable style.
Love and warmth shines through every aspect of her being.
She loves cooking Naga food for all her friends and family.
She says that when you share a meal with someone you suddenly feel connected, there is a bond. Food is such a great way to break the ice.
She always carries the most amazing bags.


She has promised to call me over for some home made momo's soon.
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  1. Nice outfit and I loved the color of the dress! :)
    She is pretty :)

  2. loved the way u described her..great post!

  3. Lilia looks so serene and pleasant. Loved her dress too :)

  4. Here is to wish you many great friends:)

    Love her dress.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  5. So nice to makr friends like this :) Love Lilia's dress.


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