Monday, 24 December 2012

Kitsch Mandi : Shopping In Pune

I have been eagerly awaiting Kitsch Mandi's arrival in Pune, each teaser on their Facebook Page just got my curiosity and eagerness growing. So by the time Sunday rolled by, I was all prepped and ready for the flea market, desperately hoping to find some vintage treasures.
As I entered Cocoparra, I was surrounded by a riot of colours and a sea of creativity with young local brands all around me. But what made it special was the opportunity to interact with the bold and quirky minds behind the brands.
Hand made jewellery by engineers, paintings by ad professionals and yummy food by power managers, unusual combinations you say? Passion and enthusiasm I say..
Some of the super brands of the future that were note worthy were:
 A Krazy Mug
The Doodle Factory
Verry India
Beer Belly
Salad Days by Paddy Dave

What amped up the shopping experience was the presence of pretty, fashionable and gorgeously well turned out ladies.
Neha, Surbhi, Tanu and Nikita, thank you so much for posing for girls are all so pretty and I LOVED that red bag (do mail me if ud like to model for me love it)

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