Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wednesday Wants And Wishes: Manish Arora and Amrapali

I am so excited to share my latest crush with you, No it's not a guy..men really cant compare.

It is the latest collaboration between designer Manish Arora and jewellery brand Amrapali. Manish Arora is a genius to say the least, his collections are always quirky with a generoug dose of drama creating spell binding contemporary art, read clothes. Amrapali is a brand synonymous with traditional breath taking  jewels, they are the jewellers to the stars and create pieces fit for a queen.

One traditional the other quirky and contemporary, two ends of the spectrum, but they unite to create the most harmonious marriage, resulting in the creation of magic. Traditional designs and art form in bold contemporary colours that Manish Arora is known for.

These are what every girls dreams are made of....

I have been a pretty good girl this year Santa...I hope you are reading this :)
What is your wish list looking like? Let me know :)
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I promise to keep you entertained :)
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