Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Shopping Online: Shop.inonit

Ok so my obsession with online shopping is not news to you all..but I (actually my husband) was really hoping that with time it would die its natural death..
Far from it haha..instead of taking a nose dive it has actually escalated to its highest ever!!
The obsession has turned into an addiction..yup I need my daily fix..Yeah yeah I agree intervention required..
However, not before I share my latest discovery with you..
OMG OMG OMG once you visit you will know what I mean..you cant blame a girl for wanting a pretty dress or that scarf or that jewelry or those awesome bags...come on these are year round staples, every girl NEEDS them.
They are so gorgeous that I am ready to skip a meal just to save for them, an awesome jacket is as much of a necessity as food..for me atleast..
Anyway..I am so confused, I love so many things and I want them all...so intervention time...
Please help me pick just 2...pick just 2 from the 12...tell me which your favourite 2 are and help me shop better :)
My husband would really appreciate it ;)
so wait for it....wait for it...
and here they are..

shopping online: shop.inonit.in
Images: shop.inonit

       So tell me what I should buy...in your comments below or participate in the poll on the right side :)
And here is the best part...to thank you for your help...you get a 15% discount on your shopping from                    
                            http://www.shop.inonit.in/ just use the coupon code FEELINGFAB15.
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