Tuesday, 16 April 2013

My Own Domain Name : Yay!!!!

We have shifted to our very own domain name :) and my joy and pride know no bounds right now..
I don't really know what benefits this will bring for the blog but I can instantly feel a level of seriousness that was not there earlier.
I have been trying to do this for the past few weeks and I finally succeeded..so proud that a technologically challenged person like me could finally get this done.
Was it easy??
 I thought it would be as easy as pie but boy was I mistaken...

blogger blog to godaddy domain

Here is my journey from .blogspot.com to .com
Step 1: Pick your domain name host. I picked godaddy.com simply because it is the only one I
           knew of, the only one that people were talking about.
           I think you can get your own domain name from blogger itself for about $50 a year. I think
          doing this would be easier.
Step 2: Check if your domain name is available.
Step 3: If yes buy it..if not change the domain name or bid and try and get it from the owner.
Step 4: Now the confusing bit..you need to modify the DNS in go daddy and then update blogger
           settings. I will leave this bit to the experts..This is the only tutorial I found useful
           Shifting blogger blog to Godaddy domain
Step 5: After this is done, you need to do 'forwarding' on Godaddy so that whether someone types
           the 'www.' or not it takes them to your site.
Step 6: Hit save and feel the pride, joy and satisfaction..

Phew!! whoever thought a godaddy domain transfer was childs play...
and whoever thought writing a fashion blog was just about fashion..ha
But is it worth it...YUP it totally is :)


  1. that's lovely and congrats :) :) i'm working on it :P

    1. all the best Gowthami...if you need any help do get in touch..
      Iv spent so many hours agonizing over it..will be happy to put it all to good use..

  2. Congratulations!!! I'd like a domain name of my own some day, but I guess I'll stick with blogger for now!! This milestone deserves a celebration :-)

  3. Wow, Congratulations!!! All the best with your beautiful blog. I can see how well it's blooming and it's so sweet of you to put up all the steps you had to do to go through it. Cheers to greater heights for you. Love :)

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