Sunday, 7 April 2013

Phulkari Dupatta Just For Salwar Suits? Phulkari Draped Jacket Anyone?

Phulkari dupatta again? Is that what you are thinking? I know I am guilty as charged...but I just cannot get over my obsession with these pretty vibrant things, all thanks to designer Manish Malhotra and his latest collection.

So coming back to the phulkari dupatta..Is it just for salwar suits? Is it just for Indian wear?
No no not anymore...

I really enjoyed playing with my duaptta and turning it into this draped jacket that can be worn with pants...

Yay!! the phulkari dupatta is not just for salwar suits anymore.
However if you would like to see it in its traditional form, worn with a salwar suit..chk HERE

Phulkari dupatta for salwar suits? Phulkari dupatta for salwar suits? Phulkari dupatta for salwar suits? Phulkari dupatta for salwar suits?

Do leave your comments and let me know what you think :)
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  1. I love the style.. you transformed it completely... very creative..

  2. Wow...

  3. wow i love it. i really like using dupaatas for adding that perkiness to a western outfit, by using it like a scarf. you have done it fabulously:)

  4. Wow, you did it again!! So pretty! Love the grecian style drape of it! You should do a feature in a magazine:-) Hope you are having a wonderful day!
    Style Delights Blog
    BTW, thanks for your twitter comment! I just guess I am lucky that people like my blog and follow on twitter to stay in touch! I am following you know, hope you will get many many more followers soon!:-)

  5. simply wow! love how you have draped a dupatta as a jacket, quite innovative!

  6. love the drape Abhi. keep me posted about when you are launching ur designs.

  7. so innovative.. and love the dupatta.. I had recently gone to amritsar and happened to almost purchase simething very similar but it looked too overwhelming on me so dropped the idea..

  8. Wow, that looks absolutely amazing on you! A totally unique look and I just love how you styled it!

    Thanks for visiting my blog and for your comments, following you now through bloglovin'! :)


  9. But the flowiness of the dupatta is lost. it looks bulky ..maybe a bell sleeve tailored front open plain shirt will give jacket like feel ?

    1. hi there...I agree with u..
      but this has been done keeping the dupatta has not been cut or stitched at can be used as a dupatta again.
      if you do decide to tailor it and add sleeves etc...then a LOT LOT can be done with it.
      The whole idea was to keep the dupatta as is just give it a different look dy draping and belting it :)
      Thanks for dropping

  10. Hey, I am a big big fan of Phulkari embroidery and I love how you have draped the dupatta. Looks great on you. You should totally do a tutorial on it.
    Happy Blogging,
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    BTW, thank you for that lovely tweet you sent my way. To have a fellow blogger's appreciation and support its a great achievement for any fashion blogger.

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  12. hey Love the draping you've done! But not able to get the process right on my own, pls share a step by step process! Thanks

    1. HI Pallavi, thanks for your comment, it really is very simple to do but very difficult to explain..I think I should be doing a video to demonstrate it stay tuned for that.
      If you are in a big hurry send me an email and I will work something out..
      love :)

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  14. I luv it... n i wish to buy it.. cn u tel.. hw should i contact vd u..


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