Sunday, 19 May 2013

Kurta Fashion : 5 Ways Of Wearing 1 Kurta : Kurta As A Shirt

Kurta fashion is back..
Hi there, hope you all had a lovely weekend and a great start to the week...
A new week, a new post and the kurta is back again...its the 4th way of wearing the kurta.
Its the kurta worn as a shirt with a jacket, to make for a perfect work outfit.
kurtadesigns2. kurtadesigns1.
I used a belt on my waist and then pulled the kurta out to cover the belt. It gives the illusion of a shorter shirt style top.
kurtadesigns5. kurtadesigns6. kurtadesigns4.

Let me know what you think...also see the other 3 ways of wearing the same kurta.
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