Friday, 4 October 2013

Gem Stones At GemPundit

Gem Stones At GemPundit

I am convinced my fascination for shiny, shimmery deep hued things namely gems and stones was born even before I was. Rubies, Diamonds and Emeralds have been on my lust list even when I was in my mothers womb and that lust has just grown with each passing day and year.
I have had so many brushes with these gorgeous stones : a jeweller who tries to convince me that they make me look like Aishwarya Rai, an astrologer who believes only an emerald ring worn on Saturdays could rid me of the ill effects of Shani and get me to pass my exams or my CA who is convinced that the Rupee and share prices could fall but not gems and jewellery..
Till a few days back buying gems seemed like a complicated task, from finding a reliable source, picking the gem that suits you, figuring the cut, carat all seemed more like an engineering project, technical and daunting, instead of being enjoyable. Not anymore though. you could now do all this online at the click of a button..imagine my delight when I came across
The most delightful part about the website is that all the gems come with a free certificate and for a small price an additional certificate from a leading lab can also be provided.
Makes life easier and brighter ahh..
So now for some fun facts I read, about my fav gem stones :

Amethyst Stone:
The stone is believed to have numerous health benefits, purifying the bloodstream and curing headaches are a few.
Also, it is said that you can have all the wine you want through an amethyst receptacle, and you will not get drunk...ha now we all want some Amethyst don't we :)

Emerald Stone:
Imparts better health, wisdom and intelligence.
It is the stone for riches, money and helps the wearer bear children.

Turquoise Stone:
Provides detoxifying benefits and strengthens the immune system. The colours of the stone are so beautiful reminding one of the sea and the sky. Could there be a vision more calming than this.

Perfect find for the festive season, don't you think??
Disclaimer : The post is a sponsored post.

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  1. Lovely and beautiful stones ! I like the first and third one !! These will look great on indian kurtis kaftan type dress.


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