Friday, 10 January 2014

Sabyasachi, DIY And Speaking Your Mind

There are a few people in each one of our lives, who we love and respect, when these people talk we listen. My day started with one such conversation, a conversation with a lady whose opinion matters a lot. We spoke about fashion and bras, we spoke about the blog and its growth trajectory, we also spoke about some fears and insecurities. It got me thinking.. about my vision for my blog, about my life and all the people and things that make it joyful..
I think its time for a change on, its time to make it a little less about me and a little more about you, its time to make it more about giving than about receiving..
I have become too used to doing things the way they are, getting dressed up, posing for a few pictures and talking about myself - putting a post together. It is going to be a challenge to change things and make it about others and not me, but I think its time to do it :)
So while I think about life this weekend, I am going to give you a few wonderful things to watch, read and ponder over..
Starting with...drumroll please....
Sabyasachi, the man is a genius and to add he comes across as a genuinely nice person. He is one Indian designer I love and respect so much not just for his work but also how he pays no heed what so ever to the media, he does not feel it necessary to give bytes to Zoom TV in a drunken stupor, drink in hand and models wrapped around his arm.
This video is just lovely, such a delight, much better than the Koffee With Karan gossip sessions..(I like those too, but this leaves you inspired!)

At 9:30, Sabyasachi talks about becoming an overnight success and how he had an intenst 10 year struggle before that happened (we all miss the work behind the success). Boman says " Takes a lifetime of hardwork to become an overnight success". Blew my mind!!
 If I loved Sabyasachi earlier, I worship him now..
Ok so if you are a blogger, you should see this post, Mandi of the blog Vintage Revivals, put together a survey for her readers to take, so that her blog could improve, she could understand the readers better and so she could get some honest feedback. I am inspired to do such a survey myself, what do you think? See her survey results hereIf you love DIY try this one, its so cute for the home.

Image :
This week I have also been very influenced by Tanvi's post on speaking your mind. I think it requires tremendous amount of courage to speak your mind, It is much easier to run away from a situation and ignore it. But as Tanvi says, speaking up could be liberating in so many ways, It can avoid heartbreak and prevent misunderstandings. Honesty and clearing the air is the best thing for a relationship. Read her post here
I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, filled with loads of joy and inspiration. Leaving you with Sabyasachi again :)
He make being covered from head to toe look sexy dosent he?

Image :


  1. Sigh!! Isn't Sabyasachi the most popular favorite designer of all? <3
    And I have the good fortune of knowing him personally.........yes, he is a very nice & down-to-earth fellow indeed!

    1. I dont think iv ever felt this envious of someone...neither have I felt so happy for someone before..ur a lucky girl.. if i am ever in his presence id think im in the presence of greatness n if i ever get to interact with him...itll b a dream come true..
      u lucky girl..

  2. Sabyasachi has always been my favorite designer and I've been so lucky to have met him a few years ago! This interview is great, thank you so much for sharing.

    xo, Meera |
    twitter + instagram: @meeranavlakha

    1. Oh u lucky girl meera..I am still dreaming of meeting him...someday :0


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