Friday, 7 March 2014

DIY Luxury Wall Art For The Fashion Lover

I have been living in this space that I call 'home' for the past 7 years, and yet almost all the walls were bare and stark up until very recently.  A sudden bout of pinterest inspiration and motivation from the most mesmerizing DIY and interior blogs spurred me into action. I decided that it was time to turn that DIY pinterest board into reality, time to add some life and personality into my walls..time to take some risks..hell yeah!!
Thats when I realized that inspiration is not always a good thing and that incessant pinning can sometimes back fire..there are but 4 walls and so much inspiration. It took a while and a lot of back and forth later, my mind was made up, sealed with a RubyWoo kiss et all!!
It was going to be my wall of luxury and the image below was the inspiration.


So next I needed bags of my favourite brands and hence started my journey of begging, borrowing and stealing..a few days later, this is what I got.


Now don't get me wrong, I am in no way a brand obsessed girl. You will never see me dipped in luxury brands from head to toe, though occasionally I will  throw in a cherished piece of luxury.
These brands, to me, are much more than the latest trend they symbolize, each one stands for certain values and aesthetics, each one has a history.
Right in the middle is Sabyasachi, I have so much respect for him and the huge Sabyasachi brand he has created. To me Sabyasachi stands for Indian craft, textile and heritage. He symbolizes my roots and my soul.


Then there is Chanel and Chanel is there because of the legendary Coco Chanel. She grew up in an orphanage, endured the world war and then went on to create something that is iconic even for generations after her - she endured. She was a revolutionary, a trailblazer and a rebel. She freed us from the constraints of corsets, she gave us comfort, jackets and the little black dress.

Fendi to me stands for distinct style and woman power. It was started by a young woman who married and was joined by her husband, they went on to have 5 daughters and together with Karl Lagerfeld went on to create the huge empire that it is now.

Then there is Salvatore Ferragamo, the guy who found his calling in shoes at the age of 9, how can he not be there? One of 14 children born in a small Italian town he went on to become the 'Shoemaker To The Stars'. I bow down in respect.

Hermes started as a harness shop and has gone on today to be an epitome of craftsmanship and refinement - it stands for the genius of man and his hands. It is a constant reminder of the fact that every detail counts.
Coach, ah well, I just love the bag - the colours, the logo...all of it


I think all in all this wall says "Nothing Is Impossible". Each one of these power house brands started from nothing but an idea, none of them had high networths or networks. All they had was a dream, determination and hard work.
And look at what they have created.
Its my wall of hope and determination.
Have I inspired to you create your own DIY Luxury Wall Art For The Fashion Lover? Weekend project?


  1. I really REALLY like what you've done here. Such a great idea and so creative (Pinterest zindabad!). And I also really appreciate how you've related each brand to something that speaks to you. It makes it all the more personal. Very cool post!


    1. Hey there thank you :) so glad you enjoyed the post...come back for more soon

  2. you are so creative Abhi..your wall looks great!

  3. This is such a fun idea!
    Thanks for your last comment! They always make me really happy :)
    Lots of love!

  4. so creative. walls look awesome. great idea to decorate your wall
    My blog


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