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Ageless Beauty Nisha Rajpal : All Natural Indian Beauty Products

We stumbled upon her natural line of beauty products, by chance, luck or fate, whatever you wish to call it. It was 3 years ago, when I wasn't blogging and wasn't even interested in doing much for myself, even at that stage in life, it was easy to get drawn to her - her glowing radiant aura, her charming smile and needless to say her flawless skin. She was like a magnet with a strong field of force and we just got pulled in.
Her products are equally fabulous too - all natural, hand made with love. We were sold on "All Naturals" products 3 years ago too, but life got in the way and skin care took a backseat.
A few months ago, a tiny voice inside said that I needed to get rid of the toxins and chemicals in my daily beauty regime and substitute them with all natural beauty products which are an inherent part of our Indian culture. 
So we met Nisha Rajpal again and never looked back...here is an excerpt of our chat with her..
And did I mention that she is much over 40 (gasppp!!) never uses beauty products, no facials, no hair dye....
An all natural Indian beauty she is......


Tell us about your beauty regime

I am a real woman, a mother and I do everything to lead a normal and balanced life. Time is at a premium for me like it is for any woman and mother in this day and age. So I keep things simple . The idea is not to fuss too much about your appearance or skin. 

I follow a simple 5 minute routine every morning wherein I apply a face pack mixed with milk from my own line of products ! I use my face pack even when I am travelling and it even works as an excellent make up remover for the rare occasions that I do need to put make up on.
And then its just wash and go, I am ready to face the rest of the day! I don't use any sunscreen or any other over the counter products because I am so confident of the contents and nourishment value of my own face packs that my skin needs little else.

This is the only skin care routine that I follow on a daily basis. Every month or 2 months I give myself a home facial using egg yolk and a pack from my line, as egg yolks are very nourishing, I follow that up with steaming my face to clean my pores of any dirt and then rubbing an ice cube over my face to close open pores.

 I firmly believe that less is more when it comes to skin care. The more you handle your skin and apply multiple chemical products the more its likely to get damaged and sag over the years.


How did you start your journey in skin care ....

I was always interested in skin care and a summer course in beauty culture in Hyderabad is what got me started . I went only to learn how to better look after my own skin and never imagined I would create a line of products for retail purposes!
I always turned to herbs and natural products for skin care but herbs alone when used on the face can be very harsh . You need something to tone down the harshness of herbs and add a nourishing element. This is what got me interested in the use of dry fruits for skin care . Just dry fruits are too greasy when used on the skin , so the challenge was to arrive at the right combination of herbs and dryfruits. This is what I have achieved through my line "All Naturals" the right balance of nourishing dryfruits and beneficial herbs.
I started with helping my family with their skin issues , soon I was helping friends with their skin concerns .
On 16th December , 1996 over lunch with some girlfriends a dear friend announced that I would be taking orders and offering my skin care products and that was the spontaneous start of my career.
Word spread and soon I had a steady clientele. I would never have my products sold over the counter by some sales person as very often sales staff do not have in depth knowledge of the products they sell and the right instructions on how to use them.

 I strongly believe in having a very personal connect with each of my clients. It is very important for me to at least speak to each new client on the phone if not meet her in person to understand her skin issues and to understand which place she will be using my products in, as the climate in Mumbai is very different from the climate and weather conditions in Dubai.

I do customise and recommend my products for each client depending on their skin concerns and where they live. Two dry skins are also treated differently . A lot of thought and love goes into creating and recommending my products . It is very rewarding to see results and  hear great feedback shared by my clients. I feel it is a big responsibility to live upto the trust and faith of all the people who use my products.


What mistakes do you see young women make when it comes to skin care

I feel a lot of young women these days are using too many over the counter products , make up and bleach that will eventually damage skin in the years to come.

I dont believe in anti-wrinkle creams that claim to reverse wrinkles because essentially wrinkles are irreversible unless you undergo an invasive procedure.

Fairness creams are just bleach in a tube which is very harmful . My products contain Manjishtha and Almonds which are both natural mild bleaching agents . With regular use they even work on lightening facial hair to some extent.

My advice would be to not do too much and apply too many products on your skin. Start with a simple routine while you are young , be consistent with it and you will see good results.

A lot of women find the need to use make up and foundation inorder to achieve uniformity of skin tone on the face and to cover up pigmentation ,an even single tone is one of the results of using my skin care products and soon you will find no need to use foundation.


Tell us about your hair care products...
Good healthy hair is a result of a good diet and a balanced lifestyle.
I offer a hair oil which is a combination of 5 different oils in which I soak fresh herbs like Brahmi, Amla , Bhringraj etc for about 8 to 9 months . The oil is excellent in treating all kinds of hair and scalp concerns.
My line also has a hair pack which is all natural and contains essential herbs like shikakai , amla, reetha  , hence is acts both to nourish and get rid of dandruff if any.

At your age, you are a picture of radiant good health, tell us about your diet and exercise routine....

I am conscious about what I eat but its not an obsession, I try to include fruits , green tea and salads in my diet but I eat regular meals with my family and we do enjoy socialising and having friends over as well. So again its all about striking a good balance.

I have been very regular with practicing yoga for the last 10 years.


Tell us 3 ways that will help  women  continue to look fabulous in her 40s and 50s

1. Dont be too obsessed. Follow a simple routine. If its too complicated its unlikely you will follow it for more than a few days! Be consistent.

2.Eat right 70% of the time . You are what you eat. Find time for some physical activity 4-5 times a week maybe a walk or some yoga.

3. When you are your natural self you are at your best...

I have personally been using a couple of products from the All Naturals range and they are excellent (I will write a detailed review of the products soon). 
Meanwhile if you would like to get in touch with Nisha you could mail her at neesharajpal@yahoo.co.in with your skin issues, location and age.
or even better just call her 08975379400
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