Sunday, 6 April 2014

Lifelessons With Cindy Crawford

You are sure to remember Cindy Crawford grace covers of magazines in the most stunning couture gowns and teeny tiny bikinis, never thought she could look killer in just a pair of simple old jeans and a shirt - she does. And she not only looks stunning, she comes across as a very intelligent and grounded woman who can speak so well too.
I am talking about Cindy Crawford's lifeclass which just made my Sunday evening absolutely perfect - giant juicy cherry on my lemon gelato kind of perfect.
I would strongly recommend listening to and watching the beautiful Cindy Crawford as she talks about her life and all the lessons learnt from it.
Once I got over how lovely she looked, I did take away a lot from it.


It talks about 5 questions that we need to ask ourselves at various stages in life, to help us find happiness.
The first question being 'Have you found your passion in life?'
Now I know that is a pretty obvious thing, every life coach and guru talks about 'finding your passion' being the first step. But have we taken the time to think about it? Have we thought about the things that make us happy and why?


Another big relief was hearing that finding your passion does not always come easily, at 20 something you don't have to really know what your mission in life is you don't have to be on that path at 20.
I love that, because I spent most of my 20's fretting over the fact that I did not know what I wanted to do, I had no idea what my passion was and how I could actualize it. There was a burning obsessive desire in me to start doing 'something', I just did not know what that 'something' was.
I constantly felt 'lack' and I felt I was letting myself down...hearing Cindy say those words made me feel relief, made me feel ok, made me feel like I am not too late..this is just the start.
Now I want to know this from you......
Are you a thinker like me?
Did you have any 'ahhhha' moments reading this?
Would you like to discuss life and living it beautifully with me? 
Would you like to see more posts about the lessons life has taught me and you? More videos?
What has been a turning point moment in your life, big or small...
Tell me I am waiting to hear from you...waiting to learn from you...leave me a comment below or mail me at
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