Friday, 12 October 2012

Wardrobe Essential: For every woman for every season

Well yes, this post is all about the queen of every fashionistas wardrobe..its time this piece of clothing got its due. No I am not talking about the "white shirt" or the "perfect fit jeans" I am talking about what makes these things look great, what goes under that perfect white shirt..No no it isn't even the underwear.. it is... drum-roll please....THE SHAPEWEAR..
If you do not have these in your wardrobe yet...put it right on top of the "lust list"..or rather the "must list"
Admit it...each one of us wants that perfectly smooth hourglass figure...but all of us need some help...yes even Beyonce and the illustrious Kim Kardashian ....dont believe me...

Now that you believe me and the importance of is the lowdown on whats available..
The trouble zone for most of us is the tummy and the hips..the perfect shapewear to skim over these areas is the 1/2 body which starts right under the bra finishing off above the knee.

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Where can you get these..
An India brand called Dermawear ...
I recently got these and tried them...

1. My bathroom turned into combat zone as I tried to get into these..I almost broke a nail...yup it was that        
    bad. I usually wear a size S or XS..these were an M and yet..
2. The material is thick and feels heavy on the body.. not appropriate for the summers.
3. It has a thick seam running down the center of the front and back..if you are wearing a super tight  
    dress ...the seam will be visible

    Now coming to the pro's about it
1. Easily available and not very expensive at Rs 981.
2. Something is better than nothing...yup it is definitely better than panty lines, saddlebags, cellulite and

The other option is ordering one of the American brands like Spanx and Hanes..
I have used these too and they are amazing
1. Easy to pull on..
2. Thin material which glides on like second skin..
3. Completely seamless

The only con is that they are a little expensive because shipping to India costs more that the shape wear itself..
If you are still not convinced ....have a look at this...
Image courtesy:

Get yours here: spanx  hanes amazon

                                                 Thank you for your time it means a lot to me :)
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