Sunday, 12 May 2013

Kurta Fashion : 5 Ways Of Wearing 1 Kurta : Kurta With A Pencil Skirt

The "kurta fashion" series is back.. I know some of you probably thought I forgot about the other 3 ways of wearing the kurta...but no I have not..

Kurta Fashion: 5 Ways Of Wearing 1 Kurta

Here it is way number 3 with the "kurta"..with a pencil skirt.
It is not something I have worn a kurta with too often, but when I did try it, I thought it was fun..
What do you think??
Have you work your kurta with a skirt before? Would you try it now?
kurtadesignsskirt1 kurtadesignsskirt5 kurtadesignsskirt7 kurtadesignsskirt6 kurtadesignsskirt3

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