Sunday, 2 June 2013

Animal Print Trend : Birds Skirts And Nostalgia

Animal Print Trend : Birds Skirts And Nostalgia

Cute animals are my weakness and clothes are my obsession, when you combine the two, the result is an irresistible combination. So getting this bird print top was a no brainer  that too in the middle of a fashion frenzy called the "animal print trend" ok no no dont get me wrong, I know that animal prints have literally become classic and can no longer be classified as a trend, thanks to major fashion houses like D&G.
But the new animal print trend is a little different, it is no longer about stripes borrowed from the zebra and spots from the leopard this time around you will see the full animal printed on the apparel creating stunning daring and personality filled trend I love.
The pencil skirt is my favourite kind of skirt, there is something so classic and ladylike about the silhouette. Those tiny skater skirts and skorts are great too...but for a mom like me...nahhh
Ok so what made this extra special was a trip down memory lane, literally..We shot this right across the school I used to go to..countless special moments of joy sorrow and fear experienced right around the corner...I can picture all those moments..the days I was terrified because I forgot to polish my shoes and the joy I felt taking my report card feels like it all happened just yesterday.
Time does fly...dosent it?.it is nice to stop for a moment and really feel the joy...
Hope you enjoy the new "animal print trend" and my "pencil skirt"

pencilskirtbirdtop orangenails pencilskirt2 redhighheels birdprint1

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  2. Replies
    1. was having a bad hair just decided to roll it up :)
      thank u

  3. Love your top! Its fabulous.

  4. Loved the top and you looks fab Abhi <3

  5. wow! you r so thin.. love the combo.. i recently bought a butterfly print top from veromoda..v similar to urs..

  6. I love this outfit on you! You look fab. It's so chic overall

  7. amazing...the dress...the backdrop..ur attitude...

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