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Women Entrepreneurs : The Baking Business Plan

Women Entrepreneurs : The Baking Business Plan

I love a great success story, they are inspiring, motivating and fascinating all at the same time. And if it is a story about a woman entrepreneur, that is the cherry on the top..
So if you have ever considered starting your own little venture, dreamed of the freedom it brings  and then quickly shoved it in the back burner...maybe this will get you to finally start working on turning it to reality..
This is a story about a baking business started by two mom's that I read in woman&home magazine ( Dec12) here are the excerpts

The background
Victoria worked as a visual merchandiser and Joanne was a medical rep before they had children. Baking was a hobby for both.

When was the idea born
Victoria says " It all started with a gift I gave my cousin, It was a little baking mix set that I put together, so that she could make her own cookies. She loved it and encouraged me to sell it to other people. That was my lightbulb moment. I got in touch with my friend Joanne and asked her if she fancied making some shoe money, she said yes, and Scarlet Bakes was born."

And then what happened
We spent months and months sourcing the best ingredients, the flour, sugar chocolate the packaging material. We started from scratch and learnt along the way. We got our certificates and boiled down our flavours to 5 basic yummy variants. We used my garage as our workshop and sold on our website and in local stores.

The high point
A food writed picked up our products and recommended them to some big stores. Next we got a call from them asking them to stock at their stores.

The low point
Once we lost 4000 pounds worth of products, when they fell of the lorry on the highway. We lost the money and many sleepless nights over the thought that we had also lost a customer.

Top tip
Spend some time learning as much as you can about the business, about transport, competition and then take a dive and learn as you go emerging stronger from your mistakes.

The numbers
Launched: 2008
Start up costs: 700 pounds
Turnover: 170000 pounds (Dec 2012)
Scarlet Bakes

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