Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How To Wear A Maxi Dress

How To Wear A Maxi Dress

I have always loved maxi dresses, but on other people, on me somehow they never felt right.
So my love affair with maxi dresses has almost been like a long distance affair, I almost felt jealous of those tall skinny Hollywood beauties to looked so effortlessly girly, romantic and chic in maxi dresses.
Here is my problem with maxi dresses, the thin little straps that almost always accompany them just feel too bare and naked to me, so I cover up with a shrug or jacket and then the maxi dress ends up looking like a night dress. Me being short does not help either. I can never resist buying a maxi dress and I can never stop myself from hoping that my fortunes with them will change with the next maxi dress.
So imagine what happened when I saw this tie and die shaded maxi dress hanging on the street, begging me to get it and that too at a fab price of Rs 300, could I resist...nahhh..had to get it..but do you blame me?




This time I skipped boxy jackets and matronly sweaters, I went with this tiny bright "koti" (indian vest) instead...and for the first time, I enjoyed the maxi dress on myself.
Our relationship is changing...yay!!

Do you have more ideas on how to wear a maxi dress?


  1. Abhilasha, this is such a nice maxi dress. Love the way you have teamed it up with a waistcoat. But dont wear heels often with maxi dresses. You might trip or something....


    1. hehe yeah Rupa...that wont be a pretty sight...
      well the prob is..that the maxi dress was so long that even without the heels I was stepping on it an tripping...so I decided to take my chances :)
      thanks n love

  2. Awesome dress and nice shoes :))

    I follow you via GFC.
    You would made my day if you follow me back <3
    Have a nice day xoxo

  3. oh my it feels like you wrote this post for me :) I have the same love-hate relationship with maxi dresses... but your posts now changed my perception (almost :P).. he he he...
    btw love love love the dress... It is stunningly gorgeous! :) ♥
    Great post! :)

  4. Loved the dress and the way you have styled it <3

  5. You look so beautiful. serene and calm. love the ombre effect on the maxi and how you have teamed it up with a koti. love it
    xo sabbi

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  7. Gorgeous way! Great dress, which has Western infusion to Indian Traditional Dresses... Loved it, loved your appearance!

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