Thursday, 6 June 2013

Summer Dress Featuring Niketa

Summer Dress

Hey are you doing?
Do you guys remember Niketa from this makeover, well she is back on the blog...this time looking super stunning in a yellow and pink dress that screams summer and sexy.
We did this shoot on a bright sunny summer day, but unfortunately it has been dark, gloomy and rainy since. I love the first monsoon showers, such a respite from the sweltering heat, but by the 3rd day I start missing the bright sunlit summer days.
Thats whats happening I already have to say goodbye to summer?
Well if I have do, what better than to say it with a nice summer dress and a bright post :)
Will announce the giveaway winner soon...

summerdress1 summerdress2 summerdress3 summerdress4 summerdress6 summerdress9 summerdress7 summerdress5

Thanks Niketa for being such a lovely muse can see more of Niketa here 
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