Thursday, 19 September 2013

MAC Ruby Woo Dupe And Perfect Red Lips For Indian Skin Tone

MAC Ruby Woo Dupe And Perfect Red Lips For Indian Skin Tone

As promised in the previous post, I am revealing the dupe for the MAC Ruby woo in this one.
Even if you are not part of the Ruby woo cult following, if you have ever wondered - even if just for a second, "maybe I should try red lips", this video is a must watch.
I have never before dared to wear red lips, but I have often admired Deepika and Sonam's perfect red pouts. I love how red lips instantly inject a big doze of glamour to any look.
But before you go on to watch the video, a little disclaimer, I am not a make-up expert, so my method might not be the technically right or perfect way, it simply is what works for me.
I do urge you to try red lips..
I urge you to make every event a red carpet event..(even just picking kids from school..)
I urge to to celebrate everyday of your life...
I urge you to try red lips - perfect for Indian skin tone.



Concealer: Mac studio finish NC42 or any concealer
Lip Pencil : Bourjois Lip Pencil Rouge 20
Lipstick : Maybelline Bold Matte 4



Outline with lip pencil
Fill in with lip pencil
Fill with lip pencil again
So many layers, I know, but to get that deep red hue, I think it is needed.
You could try the lip pencil alone, the lipstick alone or both together like me.
I hope you enjoyed my discovery of the perfect red lipstick for India skin tone, which also seems like a Ruby Woo dupe!!

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