Friday, 25 October 2013

Vogue Your Way To Rio!

Vogue Your Way To Rio!

There is nothing that ups the glamour quotient quite like eyewear. Such a simple accessory can add so much to any kind of look, whether you are going for nerdy, luxe, vintage or pop, eyewear is a must. 
Eyewear and Vogue eyewear are synonyms of sorts in my mind, with their trendy, wearable, fun and high quality pieces, they really are a treat..

And talking about treats...I have a big one in store for you today. Not only do you stand a chance to win some Vogue Eyewear you could also get super lucky and win a trip to Rio with your BFF's!


The sun in the sky, sand in your feet and the waves lashing by as you laze on the golden beaches of Rio. Can you paint a better picture of a more perfect vacation?
Vogue Eyewear sure can!
Add to this equation 3 of your besties, a chef to cook your wildest imagination and a chauffeur to drive you to the most exotic of locations..
Ahhh are you in Rio yet?? Wait, it gets better..
Your days are planned with shopping trips and restaurant tastings, your nights are endless as you see Rio come alive.
The only thing missing is a personal photographer to capture all your glam memories and post them real time on your FB, insta and twitter  (we won’t let go of a chance to turn others green with envy, will we??)
Well, worry not, that's taken care of too...a personal photographer at your disposal, yes ma'am.
Don’t they say the best things in life are free...entering the Vogue Eyewear Contest could the best thing you do for yourself!!

What are you waiting for?? All you have to do is go here  
sign up for the Style Miles, clear a bunch of tasks, and score good. If you are lucky enough you might just be able to fly all the way to Rio with your BFFs!

Whether you win every giveaway or have never won anything, this could be your chance....can you hear Rio calling?? I can :)

It gets a little better...gets a lot better actually..the first 50 people to sign up from stand a chance to win a gorgeous pair of sunglasses from Vogue Eyewear..
Ready, Getset, Go....

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