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Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Designer : Rimi Nayak

Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week Designer : Rimi Nayak

I dont know what drew me to Rimi Nayak's creations first - her ability to see mundane everyday objects in a different light or her ability to transform them into beautiful masterpieces that leave you spell bound.
I think it was this creative genius that drew me to her, but once we got talking, her easy, passionate and fuss free personality left me wanting more...
Now I don't know whether I love Rimi Nayak the label more or Rimi Nayak the person more..either way, here is her interview with lookinggoodfeelingfab, where she talks about the Rimi Nayak story and the story of Miss Type - a vulnerable lady who hides her scars deep down inside her heart and braves the world with a smile. The essence of the collection draws inspiration from her resilience and courage which is reflected in the colour story and silhouettes...


Q1. Why design? When did you know you wanted to design forever?

Well it may sound very clich├ęd, but ever since I thought of a career for myself it was design and fashion. It’s like from my school days when my friends used to fill up the slam book writing they want to be engineer and doctor I used to write “I want to be a fashion designer!” Studying at NIFT reaffirmed the fact that I want to design forever.

Q2. What is the story behind your label? Were you confident about it from the start or did you have jittery moments too?

I started my own label just after college. I was always very sure that I wanted to do something of my own and getting through Gen Next at Lakme Fashion Week was the stepping stone for my career. I surely had the jittery moments where I was very unsure of whether to venture on my own or not since I was sceptical about the fact that whether my work will be appreciated by the people or not and how will I be able to make a mark in this industry.

Q3. What is the design sensibility behind the label?

Over the years we have tried to maintain a vivid ingenious essence in our creations, which is highlighted by incognito draping styles, unconventional surface detailing, along with a generous use of traditional ‘Batik’ and other hand dyeing and printing techniques.


Q4. Who do you design for, what kind of a woman/man?

Rimi Nayak India woman is a modern woman with a global outlook, someone who is well travelled, confident and has their own distinct identity and an individual mind.

Q5. Who are the people you would love to see in your creations?

I am a Bollywood freak. I would really love to design for movies and would love to dress up the characters of the movies. As Bollywood has a huge influence on the fashion trend in India, I would really love to be a part of movies through my creations so that I see the trend flowing from the 90mm screen to the streets.

Q6. Tell us a little about winning the ISB Best Business Plan. What was it about? What do you think helped you stand out? How was the whole experience?

It was really an enriching experience to be a part of the 10000 Women Entrepreneurs Programme sponsored by Goldman Sachs and organised by ISB. It was a scholarship programme for women entrepreneurs and I consider myself lucky that I got selected for it and had one of the most enriching experiences of my life. The course concluded with a Business Plan submission where Rimi Nayak India’s plan got the best business plan award.

The programme did help me a lot, as considering myself with only a creative mind set was very difficult to understand the business aspect of it. The programme imparted great knowledge on this aspect helping me to broaden my horizon of knowledge and making me think in a newer way.

Q7. Tell us about your latest collection?

Our  latest collection which draws inspiration from the Bengali typographic language and its graphical representation. We use typeface daily, yet we seldom appreciate the form of a letter. Here we are liberating the typeface from the confines of the page and giving the words and alphabets the freedom to express its content in a new dimension. In the process we also urge the reader to become a viewer by blending the visual characters of the letters in its graphical form with the free flowing silhouettes of the collection. It is also a humble tribute to the Bengali Language and an attempt to infuse interest in times of its declining popularity.

I believe that Bengali, which is one of the sweetest language in the world, one of the most culturally rich language, is losing its importance in today’s world. I really want to bring it back to people’s life and would urge them to try not to let the language lose its presence and prominence in today’s world.


Q8. What has been your proudest design moment yet?

Every time I see a customer’s happy, content and smiling face appreciating my creation, it makes me proud and happy.

Q9. Was there ever a time, when you felt like giving it all up?

We surely go through our down phases where nothing seems right and the journey seems tough and lonely. But, I have always had a supportive team, friends and family, who has always kept me motivated and have always boosted up my moral and never let me even think that I have the option of giving things up ever.


Q10. You have a way of looking at things in a different light, how, just how did you come up with the idea

 We do have a philosophy of looking at mundane things and giving it a fresh twist. We try to take inspirations from everyday things around and then try to look at them in a different perspective and present the newer viewpoint in front of the world.  I believe everything is in front of our eyes; we just need to have the right perspective to look at it and give it a novel twist.


Thank you Rimi Nayak, for helping us get to know Rimi Nayak the label and Rimi Nayak the person.
5E,Cornfield Road,
Kolkata 700019.


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