Thursday, 26 June 2014

Youtube Must Watch List 2013

There was a time when there was just Doordarshan for entertainment, books for knowledge and Femina for fashion. Then came cable TV and there was a channel for each of these things. As a child, it was a big change, from subtle images of a bee stinging a flower that got the mind in conflict and the imagination in full swing to the very direct scandalous American  TV shows like The Bold And The Beautiful..

It was a lot to understand, accept and get used changed a lot of things..most of all fashion and beauty. From Chandini's white salwaar kameez and Sridevi's plain saris to the 90210 teens in jeans and bikinis, cable TV exposed us to a world of contrasts.

Then the internet, once I got accustomed to maneuvering the mouse ( I am a little lacking in coordination :) I dont think I even took the doctor's prescription without googling it first.
And now youtube..what would I do without youtube. I dont believe celebrities talking about a product anymore. Imagine Karishma Kapoor making Mccain aloo tikki at home or Juhi Chawla eating kurkure or Salman Khan knowing which detergent would be gentle on clothes and hands (Active Wheel)..
Id rather believe opinions of normal non celebs..which is why I practically youtube everything..from makeup tutorials to product reviews to DIY's..

Its fascinating what youtube has done for normal people like us - turned some into rockstars, some into stylists, some into beauty gurus who went on to launch their own line of make up...
Its even got the big luxury brands to reach out to us and make their products aspirational ..

Here are some of the most watched youtube videos of 2013..the ones I love..
This J'adore film is so beautifully shot, it transforms me into the luxurious world where everything is beautiful and clean..
Ah! I want a J'adore now :)

Have you seen this makeup video...they makeup can transform people, this video is proof. For me watching it was fascinating in bits and scary at times..Oh my god what a transformation. this video has been one of the most watched and understandably so..It turned Cassandra into a celeb and a makeup guru..

If you are a DIY lover and the kind of girl who looks at most things and thinks.."I could make this at home" then this is the channel for you..
Recently I am on a major home beautifying project and this DIY is on my to do list for the week..doing it for my room for it..cutest DIY for fashion lovers

And if you want to train like a celeb..all in the comfort of your home..go here and kill it with a sweaty workout..
anything for a killer bod and six pack abs!!

I hope you enjoyed the post..some of my favs of 2013!!
Do share your favourite youtube videos with me..xoxo


  1. Thanks for sharing this! I love youtube evenings, where I am just chilling on the sofa and watching videos ;)


    1. Oh Larissa I am glad you enjoyed me..I can have days n days full of just youtube n nothing else :)

  2. I love J'adore, I love youtube and I love watching recommendations.totally checking them all out :)

    1. Oh have you tried it..after seeing the ad I wanna try it too..
      is it sweet n flowery?


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