Sunday, 2 February 2014

My Work Desk, Jai Ho And...

I have an obsessive need to constantly de-clutter things especially the space that surrounds me. Does that mean that I am super organised - NO!! but it does mean that I would like to be- YES!!

A pile of papers building up on my desk accelerates me towards my organizing drive and the inability to think surrounded by clutter spurs me into action.
I reach out for the Martha Stewart home organizing books that are strategically placed in nooks and corners of my room to provide a much needed emergency dose of inspiration. And then there is my pinterest board that never fails to inject a dose of adrenalin, helping me to take the plunge and dive head first into the clutter..

So lets talk about my work desk - I think I spend at-least 50% of my day here, its not pinterest pretty, just plain functional and I also never seem to have enough time to do all the things I would like to do. The quote "for every minute spent organizing, an hour is earned" got me thinking and dreaming - the sales everywhere beckoned and I set out turning dreams to reality.


My style is essentially minimalist, clean, DIY, white with a hint of colour..
I added a step on my plain white desk by placing a drawer shelf on it - this helps keep my desk clutter free while helping to bring into focus all the little hints of pretty I added to my desk.
There is my DIY bottle lamp (tutorial soon) a scented candle, glass bottles with a hint of green (bottles I got as samples for my business - yeah I stole them and put them to better use :) There is a silver platter with my lavender Buddha and a few pretty planters..thats about it..





In other news, I spent a major part of the weekend sneezing and sniffing under my quilt - yup the flu!!
I also managed to catch Jai Ho..hmmm..
Disclaimer : Husband and I are HUGE Salman fans..HUGE!!


So yup I loved the movie even though a lot of people did not. I think most people go for movies for entertainment and masala, not for getting a lesson in humanity and that I believe is the primary reason some people did not like this movie.
The movie has a message, which makes one think and reflect and a lot of people do not like that. The movie does repeat the message a number of times, but for a message to sink in and have an effect it does need to be repeated again and again..we did not mind  when "munni badnam hui" was being played again and again..then why now??
The movie got me thinking about how lightly we take the term 'thank you'-say it and forget it. I for one will think a little more when I say Thank You now onwards - think about what more I can do, more than just saying it and forgetting it..
Well, Jai Ho :)
Hey all the beauty bloggers, does anyone know which lipstick (or dupe) Daisy is wearing in the pic above...seriously obsessed with it.
Do let me know what you thought of Jai Ho, how you organize your space and where you go for inspiration..


  1. It was interesting to read about your work-desk because I had blogged about a similar topic recently, specifically, writer's studio/creative spaces. I too prefer to have a pretty minimal, clutter-free desk...although additions such as those super pretty planters would make a welcome addition!

    1. Hey Priyanka..thanks for stopping by
      I am glad you enjoyed my work space...I am finally liking it too :)
      saw ur post also..inspiring

  2. Oh this is so pretty and such a good idea to put this "desk" on the desk! My workplace is usually rather chaotic... I think its a good idea to have it beautiful and clean so that you can become more creative and relaxed when working :)
    Have a grat start in the week and thanks for your last comment!

  3. Wow you have given a lovely vibe to your desk!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Inspiring me to declutter and prttify my workspace :)


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