Tuesday, 12 November 2013

The Guardian Angels : Book Review

The Guardian Angels : Book Review

I really don't know when I turned into a book snob, and I have no clue what triggered it. But sometime early in my reading life, I created two water tight book categories "fiction" and "non-fiction". Fiction was for entertainment while non-fiction was for the intellectuals.
I guess I was hoping that pulling out a biography and pretending to be deep in thought while reading it would be enough for people to believe that I fell into the intellectuals category - I guess I was just fooling myself and in the bargain I missed out on all the fiction fun for 10 years...yup that long..
So when Rohit Gore the author of TheGuardian Angels got in touch with me, the book snob in me-in my politest tone said "I dont read fiction". Rohit being the writer that he is and a magician with words that he also is convinced me to give The Guardian Angels a chance..
So I started reading the book, more like a bored school kid being forced to do home-work during the holidays - I was waiting for an excuse to give up - I was waiting to prove to myself and be able to say "see I knew fiction wasn't for me" - that excuse never came.
With each page and each chapter I got more engrossed in the plot, I got more caught up with the characters and their emotions, than I ever thought possible. I found myself reaching for the book every spare moment I got. The book kept me company over the usual long and annoying traffic ridden drive to work - and made it surprisingly, irritatingly short. I often found myself wondering "reached already!".


The Guardian Angels is a story about a relationship, which has a few stray uncanny similarities to my relationship with my then boyfriend and now husband. The story made me relive the pain of seperation, the joy of togetherness, the anxiety of the unknown, the comfort in small things and so much more..
My husband even found me crying one evening, and when I said its the book...he just could not understand it...and I dont blame him..you really cannot understand it till you read The Guardian Angels and experience the roller coaster emotional ride that it is.
At the end of it all..I feel immense gratitude and appreciation for what I have..for the relationship in my life..because its so easy for it to all go wrong.
I hope I have said enough to have you pick the book up and read it. I also have to add..brownie points to Rohit for dedicating the book to his wife and son. I like a man who respects and appreciates his wife enough to do that.


Ok I have 10 years of fiction catching up to do...starting with Rohit's other books..byee.


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