Sunday, 1 December 2013

Winter Weekends: Books, Oranges And Some Regrets..

While the winter has been playing hide and seek, I have spent my time enjoying the fall foliage - there is something so beautiful about leaves that have lived their lives, seen the season, and finally fallen to the ground in the most divine shades of crimson and sepia.
I sat under the shade of a peepul tree, bathed in the warm and golden rays, of the winter sun, as they filtered through the umber leaves. Sweet, sumptuous, juicy oranges and a wise book kept me company.

The weekend saw me saying goodbye to the book that kept me company over the week. Well maybe goodbye is too cold a word to use - because we have decided to be still be friends. "The Wisdom Of My Grandmothers" by the Italian author Adrianna Trigiani, is such a wise book that it would be utter foolishness on my part to say goodbye. Its the kind of book in which you highlight every other sentence and keep coming back to.
Here are a few warm fuzzy bits of grandma wisdom that had me going "ahhh"

Start working early and never ever retire. 
"Viola earned her first paycheck at age 14, while Lucy earned her first paycheck at age 17. They started working early, and began to save young. Viola and Lucy never officially retired. When Lucy died on the eve of her 99th birthday, her hope was to return home to her life and her shop on West Lake Street. If you stay in the game and out in the world, there are new things to learn and savour in the final years of life."

Sex, marriage and the right man
"Sex is a gift, not a right. When you find true love, you only have two things to offer: the gift of yourself and your time. If you find yourself dissatisfied, constantly angry, agitated, frustrated, and emotionally spent, if he does not bring out the best in you, no matter how much you love someone, no matter how many lovely moments offset the low points, if you are exhausted, you are not being fed. And if you are not being fed, you will not grow.
Self respect is the most important respect of all.
Look out for yourself.A man who cares about your feelings, roots for your limitless future, and plans to guard your dreams as his own is a person who will make a good life partner. You should not accept less."

Wear what you like, not what looks good on someone else
"Lucy beleived that excessive shopping was a sign of a person who had no idea what looked good on her. Lucy thought it was better to make a list of what you love to wear. Begin with styles you have worn and loved. Remember moments when you felt your best, and gravitate back to those styles to winnow down your preferences. Too often we are influenced by trends, or the opinions of others, when really all we need to do is wear what we like. Trust who you are, know what you like, and the choices will be clear."

Unfortunately I never got to spent enough time with my grandparents, and I am left with some regrets and a lot of unanswered questions - if only I had sat with them and asked them - I would have been a little wiser today. But, here are a few things that remind me of them...

 Kashmiri shawls and Punjabi juttis..

Potli bags with antique handwork...

Pretty bangles and gold accessories...

I added a new online shopping haunt to my ever growing list, and the pretty package arrived this weekend, making it all the more fun...I loved these pants so so much, that I am now exercising all my will power to resist buying them in every colour available! You will see them soon here :)
You guys seemed to have enjoyed the Past patina and makeup for dummies post from last week. 
Thank you so much :)

Book: The wisdom of my grandmothers
Shawl : Kashmir (old)
Potli Bag : Gujarat (old)
Accessories : (old)
Phulkari Juttis : Handloomsofindia


  1. Lovely post and lovely pics! Was a great read!

    1. Thanks June..I hope you are doing well. So glad you enjoyed the post :)

  2. I am loving the pictures. And its a beautiful weather these days.

    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

    1. I know the weather is a little unpredictable but nice nonetheless..Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. love the jewelry pics, n the review looks interesting for me to grab n read !!

    1. Hey Surbhi..I loved the book...u should pick it up :)

  4. Wonderful post! I love those words of wisdom, and your memories of your own grandparents favorite things is so incredibly sweet. By the way, I love your blog layout!

    Have a great day!


  5. Lovely post - loved reading about those little nuggets of wisdom!

  6. Awesome post dear lovely clicks <3

  7. You are so pretty. And your blog is very nice.
    I'm following you on google+ and bloglovin! Hoping for follow back.

    Defining Me

  8. The photos are fantabulous. Nice style of writing too.



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